Is Boris Johnson Channelling Loki?

July 3, 2016


When my partner Kay and I visited Istanbul last year and experienced interacting with the lovely people and the splendid secular society Ataturk achieved, it made me realise how Turkey are right on the border holding the line against IS/Daesh and taking a lot of the pain - in the form of over a million Syrian refugees and terror attacks. Their own President Erdogan nibbles away at that marvellous and constitutionally enshrined secularism in response.


It seems a no brainier that Turkey (already a vital ally in NATO) joining the EU would be of mutual benefit to us all in promoting peace, prosperity and supporting a stable and secular Turkey, a shining example to other Muslim nations either in the grip of IS/Daesh or suffering medieval regimes. I can't help feeling we the West watched the Arab Spring blossom and then helped it to fail by our inaction to show our willingness to embrace Turkey as a model for Arab nationhood and the benefits it can bring.


This is what makes the video of Boris arguing the same case at the beginning of the year so troubling. This clever, articulate man is shown as completely self serving by his subsequent actions leading the Brexit campaign then running away from the consequences. Or, and my pagan friends will perhaps recognise the notion, it occurs to me he seemingly, consciously or unconsciously, is following the path of the trickster. Which doesn't make him the apparent harmless and charming buffoon we often see, but a dangerous expression of a Loki, a force promoting chaos and disunity.


At this point, post EU referendum, we have British politicians doing a great impression of headless (and planless) chickens and the potential for the break up of the Union of the nations that make up Great Britain, let alone seeding an EU breakup.


True to form, the Trickster's response is, 'Oops!  My bad.  Moving on...'.

Best to recognise this avatar, this clearly delineated archetype when you see it and stop your ears with wax, lest we whoop at their rhetoric and do something which makes us all smell of shame and regret later.



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