The Hearth of Herne is a Pagan group based around North Warwickshire in the UK. We practise a tradition of Pagan witchcaft we call Wicce, from a lineage of the Coranieid.


The Hearth hived from The Hearth of Arianrhod at Herfest 2013 and was declared to be a fully autonomous coven at Imbolc 2016.


The path we follow is an initiatory mystery tradition based on experiential magical work with the cycles of the natural world and both male and female divinity.  The Eight Sabbats form the framework for the personally transformative cycle of the year.


As Pagans, we take responsibility for our own actions and personal development, which we call The Great Work.
We do not accept the literal truth of any scripture nor hold fundamentalist principles, rather we seek to work intelligently and pragmatically within this manifest reality, aiming to tread lightly upon the Earth.  We also recognise other planes of existence and wisdom to be gleaned from contact with the Old Gods and land spirits.  We work outdoors, in all weathers.


We are organised as an Inner and Outer Circle. The Outer Circle is not a moot, but rather a teaching group open to all, for any genuine seekers who wish to learn more about the tradition with a longer view to perhaps joining the Inner Circle or Coven.